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The face, particularly around the eyes, eyelids, and lips, can lose pigmentation. Dry eyes are caused by a lack of tears or poor quality tears, which can cause the corner of your eyes to become dry. Blepharitis. There are two types of cholesterol spots in eyes. They tend to appear on the upper and lower eyelids, near the inner corner of the eye, and often develop symmetrically around both eyes. These spots occur on the actual eye itself and not on your eyelid or the skin surrounding your eyes. A white spot on the eye is often a corneal ulcer or a pinguecula. I had dark corners of eyes - top of lid running down just infringe of top of nose, a cross between dark make up or a bruised black eye - not sure what it was as I was cushionoid with swollen face and eyes with preds or condition. Hello. Although the condition itself is benign, individuals with it have a higher incidence of glaucoma and are at a higher risk for melanoma.

Cholesterol spots or deposits that you can notice around your eyes are bumps of fat that develop underneath your skin, usually in the inner canthus of the upper eyelid.They are also known as xanthelasma. Any of the 11 causes above can produce white dots, pimples and bumps on the lower or upper eyelid. I've noticed I've got these small grey patches on the white of my eyeballs and was just wondering if anyone knew what they were? However, one of them asked if I had any eye diseases in the family and I said 'no'. Slate-gray patches caused by scleral melanocytosis are especially common in African … Sometimes actinic keratosis appears like a patchy flat, white skin that is flaky or scaly. While it is not present in every case of hypercholesterolemia (elevated cholesterol) or hyperlipidemia (elevated lipids- triglycerides + cholesterol), the presence of xanthelasma or a corneal arcus should warrant further investigation for alterations of the blood lipids. These spots are not harmful. Sometimes your eyelids … I'm short-sighted and my optometrists have never said anything about them. White patches on your eyelids could be caused by vitiligo. You could rise from the bed with watery eyes and swollen eyelids. A white discharge is noticed, especially when we wake up in the morning, making it difficult to open our eyes. A white or cloudy spot on the eye is an abnormal appearance either on the eye or seen through the pupil. 4. These small accumulations of fat appear around the eyelids, tear ducts, or around the eye sockets. Pinguecula and pterygium are growths on your eye’s conjunctiva, the clear covering over the white part of the eye.. Pinguecula is a yellowish, raised growth on the conjunctiva. White patches in the corner of eyes Baby corner of eye is white White dot in corner of eye White spot corner of eye Red patches on corner of eyes Download Here Free HealthCareMagic App to Ask a Doctor. A pinguecula is a deposit of protein, fat, or calcium. Also, learn how to get rid of … Ocular melanocytosis is a congenital condition that manifests as slate-gray or bluish patchiness on the sclera, the white portion of the eye, explains the American Academy of Ophthalmology. Get it evaluated by a Dermatologist. If that it, it never hurt but was embarrassing- Rarely get it now I am on lower dose of preds, gp seemed unconcerned. White spots on eyelids are a sign that the pimple is getting infected. When patients discover these white spots, they’re usually very surprised. The most common reasons are corneal ulcers and pingueculas. The fatty cholesterol growths can be removed by a physician if they are bothersome, or if they are caused by having an increased blood lipid level, then treating the underlying medical condition may … All the information, content and live chat provided on the site is intended to be for informational purposes only, and not a substitute for professional or medical advice. Xanthomas are cholesterol spots composed of fatty deposits that build up under the skin and are common in people with high blood lipids. Vitiligo is a skin disorder that causes the pigment-producing cells (melanocytes) to die. These eye conditions are treatable. There are just a few causes of white spots on the eye, and most are easily treatable. The white patches around the eyes are sometimes called leucoderma, another term for vitiligo, and can be representative of autoimmune diseases. Eye spots can come in several colors, including white, brown, and red. Although the condition itself is benign, individuals with it have a higher incidence of glaucoma and are at a higher risk for melanoma.