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This amazing diversity, while stunning in it's own right, can lead to difficulties in correctly identifying snakes, especially since we rarely catch more than a glimpse of tail disappearing into cover.

Scale texture: 62 Keeled strongly : 15 Keeled weakly : 93 Smooth : 5. It’s body is a yellowish brown colour, with the top part of the head being black (hence the name), and almost forming what looks like a collar.
Average Length 53cm. Common Name Plains Black-headed Snake. Body top pattern: 40 Bands : 52 Solid : 86 Spots : 42 Stripes : 4. Body bottom anal plate: 94 Divided : 66 Undivided : 6. Answer Save. The head of the mole kingsnake is much smaller than that of a copperhead, and they have small black eyes. Favorite Answer.

The snake is nocturnal and spends most of its time in underground burrows. The Black Speckled Kingsnake is dark brown to black with a white, yellow, or cream-colored spot in the center of nearly all dorsal scales. Description. The southwestern blackhead snake is a small snake, growing to a maximum total length (including tail) of 15 in (38 cm), but typically averaging around 8 in (20 cm) in total length. Head is brown-black and marked with a pale collar that may be “open” at the back of the neck. Smooth scales. As its name implies, this snake has an overall glossy appearance. The head cap is straight or slightly convex on its rear edge and extends back only 3 or fewer small scales behind the parietal furrow (central seam between rear-most large head scales). Snout may be cream-tan in individuals found along the Atlantic Coast. 7 Answers. Snout may be cream-tan in individuals found along the Atlantic Coast. Slender body is tan to reddish brown. Collar may be absent in individuals from north-central Florida. Let me know. The belly was silver with yellow spots near the head underneath. Egyption cobras are dark grey-brown in colour, developing to almost black as they get older. Number of Offspring 13. what kind of snakes have a brown body with black head? Snake crawl on top of my feet. Young snakes are a sandy-yellow colour with a black band on the neck. Tantilla are small snakes, rarely exceeding 20 cm (8 inches) in total length (including tail). Other Names: Duméril’s Black-headed Snake, Jerdon’s many-toothed Snake: Length: Around 30 cm Maximum: 46 cm: Color: Grayish-brown dorsal color with series of black dots along the vertebra, much of the mid-body has a reddish tint; greenish-yellow belly with black dots on each side of ventral scales; dark brown or black head and nape; tail color same as rest of the body Their head is large and depressed with a broad snout. Scales are smooth. Some species have a brown body with a black head. I think it might be a garter snake but this one had black belly and a black head. Comparison Chart of Tantilla hobartsmithi - Smith's Black-headed Snake and Tantilla planiceps - Western Black-headed Snake.