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If you do not possess any broody turkeys, then you will need an artificial incubator. My boys strut all the time especially at feed time.I am no turkey expert but I would say you got a hen. 10.

A Jake is a juvenile male turkey -- one in his first year. 12. The red in front to me looks like a hen.

With today’s realism in these decoys, a hunter can not only fool a tom into thinking that the calling that he has been hearing is … Rinehart Tom Turkey Target – Life-Like Target To Practice Before Hunting! Look for these characteristics when determining if a turkey is a jake or tom. 11. Position a tom and jake turkey decoy facing each other as if they are establishing the pecking order. Solution: Use a jake decoy instead of a tom to tone down the dominant display.

Primos Gobbstopper Jake Turkey Decoy – The Detailed Painting Of This Decoy Impresses! Cabelas has avian X on sale right now so trying to pick between the 1/2 strut and 1/4 strut. A turkey can only hatch an egg if they are broody and fertilized by a male turkey (tom). The Chicken On A Stick decoy comes with a proprietary stake design that's engineered with specific features for the "fanning" hunter including a built in gun rest, hand grip … Gobblers are broken into two categories by age, jakes (juvenile) and toms (adults). Spur Length = Age of Turkey 1/2 inch or less = 1 year (jake) 1/2-7/8 inch and blunt = 2 years 7/8-1 inch = 2+ years 1+ inch and sharp = 3+ years 1 ¼ + = 4 years. Using a tom may spook subordinate birds that have been roughed up already. Primos Chicken On A Stick Jake Turkey Decoy – Record The Big Game Hunting With This Unique Decoy And Built In Camera! But you’ve been warned: this may scare less aggressive birds off.

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Broody means the turkey is interested in becoming a mother to baby chicks and is willing to incubate/sit on eggs. He is smaller than a tom, has a shorter "beard," and is unlikely to successfully stake out a mating territory and make displays. A jake is a young male wild turkey that can be distinguished from an adult, or tom, by the length of its middle tail feathers. This unique form of turkey hunting allows the hunter to get up close and personal with big toms. With that being said I have never killed a true jake according to the AGFC. Was going to do a full blow Tom strutter but I’ve seen some birds stop out of range when the decoy is a little too aggressive.

The use of turkey decoys is one of the biggest tools available when drawing a gobbler to a desired area. However, they will see a jake decoy as a chance to redeem themselves. Jakes (juvenile gobblers): Do not have wing feathers that are barred all the way to the tip Scatter one or two feeding or upright hen decoys around the duo. Best Decoy Setups for Turkey Hunting – Conclusion. The closer to breeding season a turkey gets, the less tolerant he becomes of his competition. Then rely on fighting purrs and wing thrashes to draw a battle-ready gobbler into range. My toms colored tail feathers are all coming in at 5 weeks. Trying to decide on a Jake decoy for this year. The adult males will have tail feathers that are all the same length, while the younger males will have noticeably longer feathers in the middle. Does it strut at all. What To Consider Before Purchasing Turkey Decoy?