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Blue Ameraucana Chickens Chicks hatching March to September Blue Ameraucanas are a beautiful rare chicken breed that lays blue eggs. He will produce blue laying chicks. They have a long laying season and are cold hardy.

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YOU can buy boxes of BLUE chicken eggs in Aldi and people can’t make their mind up about them. They will add a lovely array of feather color to your flock.

He loves his ladies and sings to them!

save hide report. Photo of Murray McMurray Hatchery - "Our true blue whiting main chicken order" - Webster City, IA best. He is good at coming to their defense and watching for predators. View discussions in 2 other communities. 100% Upvoted. Close • Crossposted by 6 minutes ago.

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Sort by. Log in or sign up to leave a comment log in sign up. 0 comments. • Posted by 10 days ago. Location: Puyallup; Price: $25; Read more... Chicken Rooster Whiting Blue Sponsored Link History: Originated in the United States. Others, as indicated, call their stock Araucana, Ameraucana, or Americana.

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Whiting true blue! Beautiful chicken!!! Some hatcheries accurately call their stock by the Easter Egger name. 12 Whiting True Blue Fertile hatching eggs. Normally, eggs bought in supermarkets typically have pale brown or white shells but the boxes of… I have too many roosters unfortunately.

Whiting True Blues will lay a consistent blue egg and breed true for egg color. Whiting true blue! We make sure our flock has a large selection of colors so your hatch will never be boring! Admitted to the APA in 1984. This is a hybrid bird that lays blue…

Temperament: Blue Ameraucanas are docile and friendly.


Easter Egger Chicken.

This is the bird you’ll most often find in hatchery catalogs as a blue egg layer. Gorgeous Whiting True Blue Rooster. Production: The Ameraucana lays blue eggs of medium size. Discover (and save!)