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The Oregon Red-spotted Garter Snake, Thamnophis sirtalis concinnus. BLUE STRIPED GARTER SNAKE (Thamnophis sirtalis similis) True Blue Striped. The scientific name of the Blue Striped Garter Snake is Thamnophis sirtalis sirtalis while its common name is Blue Striped Garter Snake. The zoo has successfully bred this species many times.
I breed various garter snake species. Posted in Born, Species. Their body color can range from blue, prominent in Florida blue garter snakes, to the many shades of red visible in West Coast species. Posted in Born, Species. RED SIDED GARTER SNAKE (Thamnophis sirtalis parietalis) Normal Red Sided Anerythristic Red Sided Albino Red Sided Double Het for Snow Red Sided Golden Red Sided Snow Red Sided Blue Red Sided. IUCN Status: Undetermined Diet. Posted on April 5, 2020 by Administrator April 5, 2020. HERE ARE SOME HIGHLIGHTS: Originating From United States Mainly Out Of Florida; Adults Will Generally Get Around 25 – 30 Inches In Length From Head To Tail; With Proper Care These Snakes Could Live 10+ Years In Captivity

WE HAVE BABY FLORIDA BLUE GARTER SNAKES FOR SALE. The Oregon Red-spotted Garter Snake, Thamnophis sirtalis concinnus. Favourite. Garter snake identification can also be a fun activity because they are not aggressive snakes and taking the time to look at one means little personal harm to the observer. Gallery. Their diet consists of almost any creature they are capable of overpowering: slugs, earthworms, leeches, lizards, amphibians (including frog eggs), minnows, and rodents. This snake species does not have any subspecies discovered yet. Thank you. Looking for a small pet garter snake, if you have one for sale please message me! March 27th 2020 my female Thamnophis scalaris gave birth. Breeding. Gallery.
4.9K likes. Blue sided garter snakes Thamnophis sirtalis similis. Posted on April 5, 2020 by Administrator April 5, 2020. Diet consists of frogs, toads, fish and rodents. The Blue Striped Garter Snake is a non-poisonous snake of the garter snakes species indigenous to the Northwestern Florida in America. Red-Sided Garters. March 27th 2020 my female Thamnophis scalaris gave birth. The red-sided garter's ... Found in a very limited range in western Florida, blue-striped garters (T. sirtalis similis) occur in Wakulla County south to the Withlacoochee River. Coloration varies from sky to navy to dark blue. Garter snakes, like all snakes, are carnivorous. I work with normal and aberrant garter snakes. Their preferred habitat is marshes and pinewoods of northwestern Florida. Hypomelanistic California Red Sided Neon Blue California Red-Sided. Comparison with other species: The Bluestripe Garter Snake (Thamnophis sirtalis similis) has light blue stripes and tannish lateral fleckings, along with a uniform whitish-blue belly. Don's Garter Snakes, Magna, Utah.