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Furthermore, cheetahs may eat rabbits, birds, hares, antelopes, and warthogs. Other big cats chase only a few hundred meters: the cheetah chases 3.4 miles (5500 … Lone adults may hunt every two to five days, compared to a female with cubs that may make a kill daily. Known for being the world’s fastest land animal, the cheetah is a large feline that can run up to 75 miles per hour in short bursts to cover distances up to 1,600 feet and accelerate to over 60 miles per hour within just three seconds! FOOD The cheetah is a carnivore, eating mostly mammals under 40 kg (88 lb. The young of larger mammals such as wildebeests and zebras are taken at times, and adults too, when cheetahs hunt in groups. Guineafowl and hares are also prey. Cheetah belongs to the cat family and like all other cats is a carnivore which means that they eat meat and to get meat they hunt other animals. A simple answer to the question what kind of food do cheetahs eat is “Meat”. The Northwest African cheetah eats dama gazelle, addax, rhim gazelle, and other antelopes. Since it depends on sight rather than smell, it likes to scan the countryside from a tree limb or the top of a termite mound. An adult cheetah eats about 6.2 lb. They will however supplement their diet with Cape hares. What do Cheetahs Eat in the Wild 2. A cheetah is carnivorous and eats a variety of small animals. Lions, hyenas, and even vultures will drive a cheetah away from its kill, so a cheetah must often eat quickly or flee to avoid confrontations. (2.8 kg) of meat per day. Solitary individuals are generally semi-nomadic and may occupy large ranges of land that overlap with the territories of other cheetahs. A solitary male rarely holds onto a territory against a coalition of cheetahs. Cheetah Food. As a truly carnivorous animal that depends on meat for survival, the cheetah utilizing its speed to hunt various prey that inhabit the open or partially open savannah. The preferred animals include ungulates such as warthog, puku, steenbok, springbok, red hartebeest, oribi, gemsbok, and impala. The South African cheetah predominantly feeds on medium-sized antelopes. In general, the diet of the cheetah consists of gazelles, wildebeest calves, impalas, and smaller hoofed animals in its habitat.

Cheetah females studied in the Serengeti may roam an area of some 829 square km (320 square mi.). While most cats are nocturnal predators, the cheetah is primarily diurnal, hunting in early morning and late afternoon. ), including the Thomson’s gazelle, the Grant’s gazelle, the springbok and the impala.