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Diet . Their coat, a mix of black, grey, and brown, includes long guard hairs that almost reach the ground.

Bison, as previously stated are nicknamed the American buffalo, even though “buffalo” do not actually exist. Musk oxen and yaks are herbivores and their diets are dictated by habitat. Musk oxen, on the other hand, are similar to bison, sporting shaggy coats. They historically were vulnerable to …

Oxen are basically castrated domestic cattle used as working animals. However, they're certainly different beasts.

The musk ox ranges from 400 pounds to nearly 900 pounds. The musk ox lives in the frigid Arctic, and its fur is multiple times warmer than wool or even alpaca. Bison are also much larger in size and weight and can grow up to 11.5 ft tall. The thick coat and large head suggests a larger animal than the muskox truly is; the bison, to which the muskox is often compared, can weigh up to twice as much. Oxen and bison are both large creatures with imposing presence. Bison live in the exact opposite environment as the musk-ox.

Both sport dual coats for extra winter protection, shedding the undercoat during warmer months. Bison prefer the warmth of the American Great Plains as opposed to the tundra. However, heavy zoo-kept specimens have weighed up to 650 kg (1,400 lb).

Some yak herds seasonally migrate to eat moss, grass and lichens.