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If you are bitten just clean the wound (you probably won't even need a bandaid) and drive on. Garter snakes are non-aggressive and generally harmless. When you buy a Garter snake from us, you receive our 100% live arrival guarantee.

286. He/she was docile and not aggressive at all. Caught this guy at Blue Hills Mass. Crossposted by. I've been bitten many times. If you encounter a snake in your yard or while enjoying the outdoors, observe and enjoy it from a distance, and allow it to go on its way. He's definetly a biter. Garter Snakes for Sale. Here is our list of available garter snakes for sale at incredibly low prices.

Garter snakes are not dangerous to humans and are often described as completely harmless. This species is renowned for their hardiness and diurnal activity, which helps make them excellent pet reptiles.

Close. 1 year ago. Like most other snake species, the gartersnake is shy and non-aggressive. u/ScottManleyFan. If you unexpectedly encounter one when gardening or doing other yard work, the snake is likely as startled as you are. If I see it back near the house I will release across the river, about 2 miles away. The snake was released in the shed about 50 yards away. The common name 'garter snake' refers to over a dozen species of the genus Thamnophis. Archived. Garter snakes can be very aggressive but they are not dangerous. Garter snakes are non-aggressive and generally harmless. This morning I found the snake coiled up and resting quietly on to top edge. Most species are classified as non-venomous. I gently picked it up about half way back and dropped it in a laundry mesh bag. A few species have neurotoxin in their saliva that may cause swelling and itching if a person is bitten.